Behind The Shot – The Media Frenzy

These are some images from the Genarlow Wilson Supreme Court trial. I shot these images in July for the Fulton County Daily Report. I was to cover the hearing at the Georgia Supreme Court and also the press conference immediately thereafter. If you’re not familiar with the case, wikipedia has the answers you seek. A photojournalist’s job is to cover the event in a way that conveys its significance. You must condense the goings in into one, or a few images, and get across the visual information that accompanies the article. This case was a hot-button issue, and all the major news outlets were there. I was shooting next to photographers working for the AP, the New York Times, and the Atlanta Journal Constitution. These were guys at the top of the field, so I was interested to see what shots they brought back, and what shots I brought back, so I could see how I compare to top photographers. So, I decided to shoot the case and focus on the media attention. Here are some of the standout images: genarlow wilson supreme court trial-3.jpg In the Georgia Supreme Court, all of the imaging media is confined to an area on the left side of the courtroom, behind a colonnade. It’s a small, confined space, and the best spots were camped out by the big shooters. Before the trial started, I grabbed this shot of a cluster of other photographers to illustrate how much media was focussed on this case.

genarlow wilson supreme court trial-13.jpg

This image is like the ‘calm before the storm’. It is shot from the lobby, looking out on the front steps, and the group of camera men, photographers and tv personalities gathered on the front steps, waiting for the press conference to begin. Again, I tried to capture the mass of lenses and eyes focussed on the people involved. genarlow wilson supreme court trial-18.jpg I think this shot is the real winner, here. The media throng was thick and aggressive. Shooting this press conference, I was sometimes crouched down, crammed between TV camera tripods and strange butts. I shot with a wide angle lens in order to bring in the crowd surrounding Genarlow’s mom, little sister and lawyer. genarlow wilson supreme court trial-21.jpg And here are the Wilson’s being led away through, and followed by the media frenzy. By focussing on the idea of the family being scrutinized by the media, I brought viewers into their world. These images show you what it might feel like to stare down a teeming mass of lenses and microphones.


  1. Those are some cool shots. Thank you for sharing them with us…

    My first time visiting your blog. I was floated here by your mention of Genarlow Wilson.

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