The Cheapest Camera Insurance

Ben Franklin once said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

I agree. This is a post about how, for $15 measly bucks, you can never. ever. drop your camera.

First of all, make no mistake: I do *not* advocate practicing professional photography without equipment insurance. You are playing an endless game of Russian Roulette. Eventually, you have to lose, which means you may be out of a job.

And that means you will be waiting tables, so this is serious. Absolutely get equipment insurance.

That is not what this post is about, though. This post is about an absolutely crucial piece of equipment that ought to come with every camera. It is this bad boy right here. You slide your hand in, and your camera is attached to you, firm and secure. Having shot with one on my body for a couple years now (Mine’s getting worn, I should get a new one), I feel naked without it. I feel very secure shooting one-handed (this is what allows me to lightstick without the worry of dropping my camera body) and even more so two-handed. If I am shooting a show, I keep my camera strap (which now hangs from the left side of the body) wrapped around my left arm, and the hand strap is very tight around my right hand.

This is my modus operandi for concert shoots or bad neighborhoods.


  1. You’re very generous with photography business advice, I’ll certainly be following your blog. Great start- keep it up!

  2. Allen

    Hi Shaun
    I too cannot live without my hand strap. I had the Canon version for my Elan in the 90’s but was frustrated that it had to be removed to access the battery and had no place to reattach the neck strap. When I went digital almost three years ago with a 20D, I bought one like the Sunpak. Still had to loosen it to get to the battery and it had—again—no place for the neck strap. Plus no way to attach a QR plate. Within a week of research I found Camdapter. Very well made of machined aluminum, with attachment points for hand and neck straps, and a ¼-20 hole for QR or tripod. While it was more costly, being able to change the battery without removing it was totally worth it. Camdapter now has models with built-in QR’s (Arca and Manfrotto). No… I don’t work for Camdapter—I just love a well thought out product
    “The only bad photo is the one never taken.”

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