A file by any other name…

So, when I was browsing through Steve Thornton’s site the other day, I noticed that he named all his images with his business name and image type. I didn’t realize it then, but I’ve decided that that’s a really good idea.

Here’s the idea. You should name the image with your business name and maybe even your phone number. This is a breeze to do in lightroom, too. (I’ll cover that later.) There’s a huge limit to the number of characters allowed, but be concise. Google indexes image filenames, so you become that much more searchable. Moreover, if a prospective downloads one of your images from your emails or website, you become searchable on their computer. If they’re using a Mac, this is the sort of thing that will pop up fast with a Spotlight search.

So get rid of those awful, wasteful IMG4552.JPG names, and utilize this not often thought of branding means.


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