This is really, really fun.

I’ve read a ton of blogs that have told me to start blogging. They were all correct. This is an incredible amount of fun. I am already getting a great deal of satisfaction and direction by just writing my blog! I didn’t understand that before. It’s a way to give yourself some incentive to work harder, organize your thoughts, and establish yourself as a presence on the web. It’s a win, win, win situation. If you don’t have a blog, why not take some time to think about 3 posts you could write if you did have a blog? Now take those 3 posts, and start a blog with them.

Hey, if you start a blog, send me an email or post a comment!


  1. offendedblogger

    Hey, good advice but I already have a blog :). Actually, I have two blogs, one fun and one more political. You may enjoy one, or both! Or neither!!

    Chelle B.

  2. Post it here fella – I’ve already got a lot of photographers blogs on my Goggle reader and I prefer to see new pictures and industry news , insights from the same photographer on the same news feed.

    I wonder – does that make me lazy ?
    For example – I read Jessica Claires blog for her work in the wedding arena, and Chase Jarvis blog for, well just cos its required reading really.
    Both those bloggers have new work alongside articles and it works well.

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