Photo Shoot Video: Louis Vuitton Spring 2008

Here’s a great video I found on The Runway Scoop of a Louis Vuitton photo shoot. That’s right: I read fashion blogs. Don’t you? Because the people you send promo cards probably do…

Anyway, here‘s the video, along with some things I noticed, and what we can learn. The video opens in a new window, so you can watch and read along.

00:29 – Photographer is using a Hasselblad Digital Body, with an on camera flash, on a bracket, with a diffuser… thing. Looks like it’s hooked up to a Quantum power supply.

01:22 – Interview with Mert + Marcus. They are keeping their minds on the concepts, and on what clients want. They never talk about lighting. They never talk about gear. Just the stuff that the client thinks about.

01:36 – Wide shot of the studio. It’s a bit hard to see the gear, but here’s a go at it: I see a big white seamless backdrop lit by a softbox, maybe 3ft wide, high and camera left. There’s a beauty dish camera left with a diffusion screen around it. For fill, there is a large white reflector, camera right.

01:45Pocket Wizards!

01:51 – Look at all those people! Shooting at this level is a big production. So make sure that the shoots you’re doing now let you flex your managerial skills. Hire your friends on as assistants. Teach them how to work with your equipment. Let them work out the details, so you can concentrate on your client’s vision. Also note the observation area, camera right. I have a blog post cooking on how to set one of these up for your photo shoots.

01:54 – GREAT view of the whole studio. About 20 feet wide room, the shot takes up the whole back wall. Two huge softboxes clamshell the scene. They are using sandbags to stabilize them (so should you. another blog post! aaa!). I think there is another softbox hanging over the car, pointing downwards, probably on a boom arm.

02:40 – Here you can see him shooting with the tether on, so clients can see the shots live, on a big, calibrated screen.

03:05 – That hair stylist is on the ball! These shoots are big productions with lots of key players who are working the whole time, just like you.

So, there you go. Harvest your friends for assistants, start putting together large scale shoots, get the management experience, and get the shots that will get you clients.


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