Get Inside the Head of a Real Photo Editor!

I am putting together a slug of posts like I did for my wedding series for advertising photography marketing. Until that goes up, you should get started reading the following posts I’ve compiled from a Photo Editor’s blog. a Photo Editor is run by a photo editor for a national magazine. When he speaks, you should listen. The posts below are all relevant to new photographers. I’ve put some brief comments next to each article. It’s a lot of reading, but all of it is good.

Once you get this stuff down, my 3 post series on the topic should be ready to digest. Let’s get started:

Photographer Tags – How aPE sees photographers. What categories does your work fall under? As a new photographer, it’s better to focus on your best work before expanding into other genres. Knowing how you are ‘pigeonholed’ isn’t so bad if you can get to the point where editors think of you when they are presented with ‘x’ genre or style. Where should you be focusing your efforts?

Photographer Questions – “Why don’t photo editors return phone calls and emails?” “How do I get a job as a photo assistant?” “Do you know where there is a list of photo editor with email addresses to contact them?” “Do e-promos work anymore?”

The Book AKA The Portfolio – Do you have a physical portfolio? What do editors want from your book?

Hiring New Photographers – How clients check you out before they call you!

How editors find new photographers – When an editor hires on a new photographer, he has to go to bat for you to his bosses, first. Here’s how aPE assembles his ‘evidence’.

Advice From a Photographer – This is for assistants, but it certainly pertains to new photographers, too. Read this as hard as you can.

Hiring a Photographer – This one is a biggie: “Never hire a photographer to shoot something that’s not already in their book.”

Making a Living as a Photographer – This one is about editorial photography and renting equipment.

Crapshoot – Looks like living outside LA or NYC can be a big disadvantage!

W+K Art Buyer – Don’t make cold calls. Promo cards are good. Email is good. Don’t be an asshole.

There’s a ton of great info over on aPE. He doesn’t beat around the bush, even when it hurts to say or hear. Gotta respect that. Learn as much as you can, don’t take rejection and adversity personally, take great pictures and be easy to work with.


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