Recent Photo Shoots

Whoops! Looks like it’s been a week since I’ve posted. Wife and I took a roadtrip up to NC to visit some old friends, I’ve re-organized my online portfolio, and added some new stuff, too. I have a couple posts up my sleeve, so stay tuned. I am working on getting a few days ahead of myself. I would get into a regular posting schedule, so my personal lapses don’t make themselves apparent on the site. I’ve got a real humdinger lined up about how I developed my Unique Selling Proposition.

Today, I am going to highlight some talented models I’ve worked with and show off their great images. Makeup for all shots is by Katie Jones.

Ali Rijo

Ali Rijo was lit with a Nikon SB-26 firing into a white shoot-through umbrella overhead and camera right. You can also see the fill camera left from a silver reflector I made from foamboard and aluminum foil. Ali was quiet, with her own sense of grace. I love the beauty mark!

Amy Dianne

Amy Dianne was lit with my homemade fluorescent ring light, and a Nikon SB-26 back and to the left of her. Getting that light’s output low enough was a challenge. The color of her eyes really carries this shot, though.

Lauren Widmaier

Lauren Widmaier was lit with JTL Versalight firing into a Photek Softlighter II. This was her first photo shoot, and almost every frame was perfect. She’s a natural and it was an honor working with her.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to. Check back later today for a must-read post on my Unique Selling Proposition!


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