Coming Soon to a Blog Near You…

Hey folks,

I just wanted to say that now is the time to subscribe. Here’s what’s coming up:

Depth of Field: A series of interviews with top-level pros. We’ll learn how they got to the top, and what new photographers should do to get there, too. I’ve got some really cool shooters lined up for this!

My Beauty Book: I am entering the fashion and beauty photography business, and I’m going to show you how I do it. I will show you where I find models and what to look for. I will show you how to put together a large-scale shooting project, scheduling models, makeup artists, hair stylists and wardrobe stylists. I will post about the shoots themselves, and dissect the post-processing. Lastly, I will assemble the images into my final beauty portfolio and begin marketing it in the summer. At the end, you’ll have a step-by-step guide to assembling your own fashion portfolio!


Historical Portraits Book: This is my personal project. I am assembling a series of “Time Magazine” portraits of famous historical figures, using actors, models and historical enthusiasts. The idea is to take a ‘modern’ look at significant people through history. I’m going to get authors and historians to write essays about the characters, and put the whole package together into a book! In the meantime, the images are interesting portraits that will provide fodder for my marketing campaign.


So stay tuned. This blog is going to get pretty awesome. I am going to show you that new photographers like you and me can make it. With creativity, a good business plan, legal smarts, and a little bit of what the French call les boules, we can become successful without going broke.


  1. Udi

    can’t wait to read the Historical Portraits Book.
    I just love your portrait work.
    – udi

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