On Proposals

I read this really awesome post over on freelance folder recently, and immediately took to the idea. Basically, the idea is that you should offer customer tiered services options, like small, medium, or large. It’s not just tiers, though, it can also be varieties of service, like chocolate, vanilla or strawberry.

I’m interested in the idea now, but I haven’t always been. For example, I was wary of limiting my portrait services to a few chintzy packages because I didn’t want to limit my offerings. I pride myself on the unique nature of each portrait session I perform. I didn’t want people to think I could *only* do the things listed on my sales sheet.

My experience has shown, though, that this “I’ll do anything you want” mindset is flawed. More often than not, I have had people tell me that the idea of figuring out what prints to order was daunting. And so, they don’t order. The problem is that people have no idea what they want. Not until they see it, at least.

Create options that scratch a majority of your customers’ itches, and you save your customers the trouble of figuring out what they need, and then effectively communicating that desire to you. I am still offering my unique portraits, but I am now framing that offering as a set of choices. The uptake, I hope, will be that customers find it easier to order from me. Once they’ve decided to buy, we can then discuss the details of our portrait session. Much easier than trying to negotiate prices and logistics on the fly.


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