What I’m focusing on in 2009

It’s crazy that “hey, i should post to my blog” turns into a month of no posts. Back to the drawing board, re: getting this thing to occur regularly. Nevermind that, though. You don’t come here to listen to me beat myself up, so I won’t bore you with it.

I’ll be honest. 2008 was a tough year for me. There were long periods where I wasn’t getting enough business to stay afloat, and I took a second job to make up the difference. It helped, but until I started getting enough business to allow myself to invest in marketing, I was basically floating. This lack of money caused a lot of problems. I think I’m over that hump now, though. I have at least one steady client that brings in a few grand a month, and that income is going to be heavily leveraged towards marketing. I don’t want to float in a customer-less limbo again.

I spent a lot of time working on things outside my specialty, things I am not good at. Hand-made invoices, flyers, and hand-coded websites stole a lot of time that should have gone elsewhere. I thought I was too poor to outsource this stuff, but I was too poor not to. 2009 will be different in this regard. I figure a well-written, well-designed flyer, made by people who do it for a living, will be better than whatever I can crank out in the same amount of time.

I spent a lot of money on online advertising in 2008, with dismal results. If I am to drive traffic to my site, it is essential that I quickly make myself relevant to the viewer. So, I am going to be adding some landing pages aimed at appealing to specific markets. It seems basic now, but really, I’ve been scrambling just to get something decent up that I hadn’t worried about it, yet.

I can afford to make smarter decisions in 2009, even if some of them are mistakes, and that’s the best progress I can hope for.


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